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candy-red 7" vinyl


released June 1, 2005




all rights reserved
Track Name: Sullen Girl (original, Penny Studios Recording)
Hey girl,
Open your curls
And share with me a taste
Of innerspace from your world
Feed me with
The warmth of your thighs
In your eyes is
The strength of your mind
Some men are blind--
but I know--

You're a Sullen Girl
And everytime I see you
You rule my world (x2)

Vs. 2
Deep inside
is a place with no time
That's the source of our pain
Our resistance
Our shine
Sometimes a whisper's too much
when as we touch
and then thrust
Towards the space
Explore the safe
in the clutch
Of embrace--
I'm yours--

At first there's hot sex
In the cars
On the beach
Stolen moments in clubs
Sneak sex in the streets
Soon there's less sex
More touch and
More talk
Shorter are phone calls
Longer are walks!
Surprises me at work
Pages at breaks
Dinner by candlelight
Hugs at the gate
Sleep under stars
Under sheets
Under roof
You learn my faults
And I need your proof
That all is not lost in the loop of the date
We build
We grow
We love
We relate
You share that your scared of the strength that you wield
I tell you you're only as weak as you feel
You hate: Supermodels, MTV and (the color) Pink
I hate that we fight
and myself when I weep
You say that a man
Is more than his strengths
I say that
I'm strong as the woman I'm with (x5)
"Marry me"