Shipping and return policies for AddVerb Superb

Shipping Info
All items shipped USPS, unless specifically requested otherwise by you, including overseas.

But, hey? This means you get a preferred shipping method.

The only downside, is that it slows down the process.

We're a small, small, outfit (trying to be nimble) that not only appreciates, but genuinely loves its fans. We try to get everything in the mail by the Saturday after all weekly orders are placed.

This means, most fans in the continental US can expect to receive their items in 2-5 business days, and in rare cases, 7-10.

There's a $2 fee on all items, +$5 for special shipping. Both fees let me pay some family member to stuff boxes.

Other than that, we calculate the shipping fee and let you know up front.

'Cause that's how we roll.
Return Policy

Fans not responsible for faulty merch, so free exchange for faulty items (may take up to 3 weeks). That said, pay CLOSE attention to the next few items.

1. If it really isn't broken, improperly manufactured, or non-functional--don't try it. NOT cool.

2. "Wash it" and it's yours policy in full-effect on clothing. For rizzle.

3. "Don't Like," "Can't Use," "Was a gift from a former lover," etc., are great reasons to return stuff, when it's a retail location somewhere in your neighborhood, or a giant online retailer with lots of capital to burn. So, please re-read the first item. We really do not have the time or money that.